The project

The MAKEADEMY project wants to innovate existing engineering study courses by developing a flexible, modular learning program centered on the Conceive, Design, Implement, Operate approach. MAKEADEMY programme provides students with the skills to address current and future professional and global challenges.

Why Makeademy

According to the National Academy of Engineering, engineers today work in diverse and diffuse teams, often across time zones and national borders. However, shortly engineers will have an even more diverse environment to work in and more significant humanity’s issues to solve than ever before. Therefore, the MAKEADEMY project addresses the need to supplement the HE engineering study programs with an innovative solution-oriented and widely available program as a platform to recognise and engage with the macro-ethical, adaptive and cross-disciplinary challenges embedded in professional issues.

HE study programme

Develops engineers' sense of innovation

critical thinking and holistic vision to solve the problems of the modern world from innovative, sustainable and social perspectives.

Is based on the CDIO* methodology

(*conceive-design-implement-operate) which adds the transdisciplinary approach
to the learning practises.

Makes accessible to all learning content

that often is restricted to certain universities or specific networks such as makerspaces and fablabs.

HE study programme

The framework of a study module MAKEADEMY

The framework consists of all the steps needed to implement, apply and organise the study module MAKEADEMY.

Also available in:


Open Educational Resources for creative innovators

The OER will consist of study materials based on a Conceive —Design —Implement —Operate (CDIO) methodology.

This resource will be available soon.

Open Educational Resources for skills development

Everything about Prototyping. The OER will consist of study materials focusing on hardware production.

This resource will be available soon.

Future Engineers E-Learning platform

which will give direct access to OER for educators, students and other stakeholders.

This resource will be available soon.

Learning/teaching/training activity

Learning/teaching/training activity – the Future Engineer’s Hackathon.

Will be hosted by Vilnius Tech in November 2023