Framework for a Study Module MAKEADEMY

The framework enables universities to have a practice-oriented study program that better meets the needs of the labour market. It also helps improve the skills of university teachers and engage students in the study process.

1) Educators’ Guide

This guide is designed to assist educators in guiding university students and teams through the process of developing business ideas using our “Student Business Idea Development Roadmap”

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2) Student Business Idea Development Roadmap

The roadmap is part of the Educator’s guide and can be used as a supplementary activity during an academic course or as an independent workshop.

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Future Engineers E-Learning platform

The e-learning platform offers everyone the opportunity to freely and easily access all project results. A wider community of university lecturers and students and all ‘makers’ can benefit from the material created.

1) Creating innovations: everything from idea to reality

This course covers problem identification, idea generation, project management, intellectual property protection, product licensing and seeking funding from investors. It offers a comprehensive understanding of the product development process and provides the essential tools to bring ideas to life.

2) Everything about Prototyping

This course builds on the maker mindset and incorporates digital fabrication technologies to offer adaptable tools and approaches for prototyping creative solutions to real-world problems. Students are able to transform concepts into tangible prototypes with confidence and competence.

Makeademy summer school

This two-week long intensive course provided 25 university international students with essential skills for business development and rapid prototyping.