Idea generation and development

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The “Idea Generation and Development” module is focusing on fostering our creative and innovative thinking abilities. In this module, we will explore Design Thinking methods, learning how to empathize with users, define problems, ideate solutions, and prototype and test our ideas. Creativity and Innovation will be core themes, encouraging you to break through conventional boundaries and generate groundbreaking concepts.

Moreover, this module delves into the intricacies of Decision Making, equipping us with the skills to make informed choices in idea selection and development. Types of Innovation will be dissected, providing a comprehensive understanding of incremental and disruptive innovation. To ensure the viability of our ideas, we will engage in Validating the Idea processes, including market research, prototyping, and user feedback analysis. By the end of this module, we will be well-prepared to transform imaginative concepts into practical and successful innovations.


Learning Objectives:

Develop Proficiency in Design Thinking:

By the end of this module, learners should be able to apply Design Thinking principles and methods to identify user needs, define problems, and generate innovative solutions in a variety of contexts.

Cultivate Creative and Innovative Thinking:

Participants will develop their creativity and innovation skills through practical exercises, enabling them to approach challenges with fresh perspectives and generate novel ideas.

Enhance Decision-Making Abilities:

Learners will gain the competence to make informed and effective decisions related to idea selection, development, and implementation by considering multiple factors and employing decision-making frameworks.

Distinguish Types of Innovation:

Students will acquire a comprehensive understanding of different types of innovation, including incremental, disruptive, and sustaining innovations, allowing them to strategically choose the most appropriate approach for their projects.

Validate Ideas Effectively:

Participants will learn how to validate ideas by conducting market research, creating prototypes, and gathering user feedback. This skill will empower them to refine and enhance their concepts, increasing the likelihood of successful implementation and adoption.



Illustrations used in this module: Big Shoes by Elina Cecilia Giglio on