Project management (how to twin an idea into reality)

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This course is crafted to empower students with the indispensable skills and knowledge required not only to excel but also to thrive in the dynamic field of project management. Comprising five in-depth units, each meticulously curated, this program systematically delves into the core pillars of effective project execution: project management, teamwork dynamics, resource allocation, risk mitigation, and cutting-edge Agile methodologies. Participants will embark on a learning path that not only enriches their project management acumen but also equips them with the tools and strategies to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of modern project management with confidence and expertise.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the importance of time management in collaborative settings.

Explore the benefits of mastering time management skills for team efficiency and individual job satisfaction.

Develop strategies for creating shared priorities, manageable schedules, and effective time planning within project teams.

Recognize the pivotal role of resource management in project execution.

Identify and categorize diverse types of project resources.

Emphasize the foundational importance of cost management in project execution.

Explore various cost estimation methods and create budget baselines.

Recognize the benefits of using Agile Project Management Tools.

Understand the key features and functionalities of Scrum-based Agile tools.

Explore Kanban-based Agile tools and popular options in the market.

Explore Kanban-based Agile tools and popular options in the market.


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